Lead Generation

Lead Generation

The lead generation is the wide channel which can cultivate multiple lead sources through continuous strategy optimization. CipherDesk is the promising lead generation service providing company, headquartered in Singapore. Lead generation is the only effective way to give greater sales to business. The key to a successful lead generation depends upon how you prospect the potential clients and eventually turns them into practical leads.

There are several methods fall under the lead generation sphere depending upon the quality of lead your business demands.

B2B lead generation

Business to Business (B2B) lead generation is the popular and an easy to adapt lead generation approach. On the b2b podium CipherDesk put forth the following services:

  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search & social, media marketing

B2C lead generation

Business to Customer (B2C) lead generation is the crucial business expanding avenue for the businesses as in this method customer are the ultimate users. The b2c services offered by us include:

  • Advertising
  • Direct customer approach

Telemarketing sales lead

Telemarketing is the universally used and accepted lead generation media where telephonic consulting and product or service demonstration is done by the sales representative, it includes:

  • Product promotion
  • Lead management
  • Customer consultation & satisfaction
  • Research & pulling services
  • Telephone business development

Sales Lead

Sales lead generation is the lifeline for most of the businesses; sales lead generation services available in our pocket are tracking & reporting

CipherDesk’s lead generation services are completely authentic and credible, we will help you reach your business goals by providing you with the quality leads. The key to being successful into the field of lead generation is to adapt the market changes and analytical research to carve the path of success. Our 24/7 availability to export the leads & online tracking technology with strategic approach makes CipherDesk a proven lead generation solution provider in the industry. It is the highly customized approach for raising the business revenue margin out of your periphery.

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