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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

CipherDesk outsourcing services are the driving phenomenon for the BPO services. The outsourcing services are the influential sector as it nurtures the class of proficient people to present the businesses on the world stage. BPO is the connecting ancestry between the enterprises and customer; it acts as a solvent to resolve the customer queries.


What makes us influential?

Personalized Experience
 Shifting market frontiers
Low-cost solution

BPO is the broad umbrella under which enterprises can encompass the delegation of non-core business activities. CipherDesk’s outsourcing services focused on delivering outstanding results to cater to the specific needs of the businesses. Our far-reaching significant spectrum of collaborative assistance conveys services like augmented sales, customer satisfaction, market research, productivity and many more.

Our Key offerings are:

  • Data entry services

  • Transcription services

  • IT-enabled services

  • Business process management

  • Procurement outsourcing

  • Email & chat support

  • Telemarketing

  • Smart surveillance support

  • Industry dependant support

  • HR functions

These all services help the organizations to collect everyday business records with accurate follow-ups. While concentrating on the core services the professionals from various industrial sectors find it difficult to focus on the non-core business tasks. The non-core operations required regular attention with continuous data maintenance & processing to improve the decision making a power of industries.

CipherDesk helps businesses in strengthening the competencies with significant cost savings. In order to gain competitive advantages in the enterprising sector outsourcing processes ranges from the front office to the back office to deliver assured quality results. CipherDesk has large geographical coverage across all the regions which leverage the comprehensive business process outsourcing (BPO) services with top-notch infrastructure, advanced technology & secured quality assurance.

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